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As one of the most experienced criminal defense teams in Alabama, and the Southeastern region, the law firm of Parkman & White handles all kinds of criminal charges. Specifically, the attorneys at Parkman & White are well-prepared and ready to deal with any criminal Immigration (or “Crimmigration”) matters that its clients may have. From Unlawful Re-Entry charges against immigrants to Transporting/Harboring Alien charges against U.S. citizens to assisting businesses being investigated for unlawfully employing illegal aliens, the legal team at Parkman & White will work to prevent “Crimmigration” charges from infringing on your rights.

In addition to criminal Immigration issues, the experienced team of attorneys at Parkman & White will assist you with the process of legal immigration.  Whether you are applying to become a U.S. citizen, obtain a student or work Visa, or dealing with U.S. Customs regarding passport issues, Parkman & White can help you in defending your right to lawfully enter the United States either temporarily or permanently.

If you or a loved one has any Immigration-law matters, call the Alabama Immigration Attorneys at Parkman White, LLP today at 334-792-1900.